Upgrade Your Table Saw System NOW!

You may want to add routing functions to your INCRA saw fence, or maybe you've realized that your LS router system deserves a better router table. Whatever your needs, you've found the source for accessories and upgrades that unlock your INCRA system's full potential.

INCRA has taken a modular approach to producing table saw and router fence systems for twenty years, a concept which allows you to cost-effectively expand your system and allows owners of earlier systems to upgrade to the performance of the latest INCRA products.

If you need expert advice or don't find what you're looking for, call us directly at 1.888.804.6272.

  INCRA Mast-R-Lift II & Mast-R-Lift II Conversions 

New and improved!  Allows precise height adjustments and change router bits above the table.  Direct-drive, super low friction, and it's compatible with wide variety of fixed base routers without the need for adapters.  Fits every INCRA router table.
INCRA PRL-V2 Lift & Adaptors 

The concept is like nothing else: To raise or lower the router quickly, the quick lifting tool disengages the lift's mechanism and the spring assist allows the heaviest routers to travel freely along the lift's 3-1/4" range of travel with very light effort and no cranking. The router's collet can be raised above the table for bit changes in two seconds!

Make your woodworking safer with our broad selection of push blocks and hold downs for every application.

Forrest Saw Blades  

For Table Saw, Radial Arm Saws and Chop / Miter Saws. Forrest Dado King Sets for Table and Radial Arm Saw.
Forrest Woodworker-II 40T 10" x 1/8" Kerf
Forrest Woodworker-II 40T 10" x 3/32" Kerf
Forrest 8" Dado King Stacking Dado Set w/ Case
Forrest 8" 2-pc Box Joint Blade Set
Porter-Cable Routers  

Complete your INCRA system with a new router!

INCRA Table Saw Router Table Top

INCRA's new lineup of heavy-duty router table tops also includes 4 models designed specifically for the table saw.
28" x 21" TS Router Table - Left Side of Blade
28" x 32" TS Router Table - Right Side of Blade
32" x 21" TS Router Table - Left Side of Blade
32" x 32" TS Router Table - Right Side of Blade

INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection

Keeps your shop cleaner by collecting sawdust at the source using your 4" dust collector!  Easy-assembling precision molded ABS & steel cabinet attaches to the underside of laminated MDF or phenolic router tables from INCRA, Woodpeckers, and many others.

INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection Combo
INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection Cabinet
INCRA 6-pc CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Ring Set
Individual INCRA CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Rings

INCRA CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Porter-Cable Guide Bushing Ring
INCRA CleanSweep Router Table Adapter

INCRA MagnaLOCK Ring Set - 8 Rings

Simply drop any plate into the keyed recess and the MagnaLock
plate snaps smartly into place held securely in place by 4
high-energy rare earth magnets.
Buy Individual INCRA MagnaLOCK Ring
MagnaLOCK Porter-Cable Guide Bushing Ring
INCRA 6-pc CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Ring Set
Individual INCRA CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Rings
INCRA CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Porter-Cable Guide Bushing Ring
Porter-Cable 9-piece Guide Bushing Set
INCRA MagnaLOCK Solid Insert


INCRA's 3/8" solid aluminum mounting plates are the new
standard for achieving perfect cutting results at your router table.
  Porter-Cable 9-piece Guide Bushing Set 

Set includes 7 steel guide bushings in popular sizes plus two lock rings, all in a fitted case. Compatible with all brands of router bases or router plate rings that have a recessed 1-3/16" center hole.
Made in USA, 3yr warranty.

TS Routing Accessories

Designed for all your routing operations, shaping, edge-forming and precision joinery.

Wonder Fence Upgrade
Wonder Fence Joinery Package

This 3/4"-thick MDF template is machined on computerized
equipment to produce a perfect fitting opening for INCRA or Woodpeckers router lifts and router mounting plates

Router Bit Sets

American-made Whiteside bits are as good as you'll find, earning #1 ratings in both of the past two Fine Woodworking Magazine router bit comparison tests.
Micro Jig MICRODIAL Tapering Jig 

Add refinement to your projects with a few accurate tapers set in either degrees or rise/run.  Completely repeatable mechanism and exceptional safety when paired with 1 or 2 GR-200 GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblocks (sold separately).

Made in USA.

INCRA TS Rail Support Legs

The INCRA Table Saw Rail Support Legs directly support the rails of the TS-LS, TS-III, and TS-II Systems, adding stability to the entire
saw platform.

Large-Saw Conversion

Easily adapt an existing TS-LS or TS-III System to a larger table saw.

TS Base Mount Packages

Use this package to convert your INCRA LS-25 or Ultra 24 Positioner into a full time replacement rip fence for your table saw.

TS Base Mount Package - 72" Rails, 32" Rip Capacity
TS Base Mount Package - 92" Rails, 52" Rip Capacity

TS Rails

Here's a great price on replacement rail sets for INCRA Table Saw Systems, perfect for adding capacity to a smaller system or for custom installations.   These are pairs of 72" or 92" aluminum rail extrusions compatible with existing TS-II, TS-III, and TS-LS installations.
TS 72" Rails
TS 92" Rails

TS Router Table Support Hardware

Great for mounting user-made tables to the TS Rail System.

LS Positioner Upgrades

The LS is the beefiest positioner we've ever produced, with
rock-solid capacities of 17", 25", or 32".
INCRA LS 17" Range Positioner ONLY
INCRA LS 25" Range Positioner ONLY
INCRA LS 32" Range Positioner ONLY
 Metric Components  

The Metric Conversion Kits contains everything needed to convert the LS Positioner System from imperial incremental mechanics to a 1mm metric spacing. Metric Rack Packs and scales can convert any incremental rack-based INCRA positioning product from imperial to a 1mm metric spacing.

Improve your accuracy by getting a better view with this exclusive work light kit. Includes iGaging flexible-arm magnetic base, detachable LED flashlight, and a mounting plate with hardware.

Setup Tools  

Alignment tools, straight edges, digital measuring equipment, and everything else to get peak performance from your machines and
fence systems.