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Wonder Fence Upgrade Wonder Fence Joinery Package
Wonder Fence Upgrade (for TS-LS Fence Systems)
List Price: $252.95
Our Price: $224.95
You save $28.00!

INCRA Wonder Fence Upgrade

Now available for imperial or metric INCRA Systems!

Upgrading to the Wonder Fence allows an existing LS- or Ultra-based INCRA Router System to perform EVERY fence-guided operation that can be done on a router table.The Wonder Fence integrates routing functions into the INCRA TS Saw Systems by providing all of the adjustments of a large commercial shaper in a very precise, compact package. By combining the Wonder Fence with the built-in micro adjust of your TS Fence System, you're able to explore countless precision routing operations, with each fence position repeatable and micro adjustable.

he Wonder Fence slides into the T-slot on front of the rip fence, allowing the infeed and outfeed fence halves to be adjusted independently to accommodate the largest router bits available. Hardware is also included for attaching wooden zero-clearance subfences for producing cleaner shaping cuts and for closing in the area around the router bit. Since the fences are made from scrap wood, there's no need to periodically purchase plastic zero-clearance fence inserts.

The Wonder Fence is also adjustable for offset between the infeed and outfeed halves. A pair of opposed wedges behind each fence half provides a true, continuous micro adjust for the relation-ship between the fence halves, and laser engraved offset scales are marked every 0.002" for an accurate reference. It's a huge improvement over stacking spacers behind the outfeed fence achieve a sort of offset.

This precise offset ability combined with the speed of a router allows you to joint glass-smooth edges on rough lumber if you don't own a jointer.

If you're using a reversible glue joint router bit, the offset feature can let you bypass the table saw and jointer when prepping your lumber - the offset allows the bit to straighten rough-edged boards and profile them in one pass, all with true z
ero-clearance if you choose.

1. If you wish to incorporate the Wonder Fence into an LS- or Ultra-based router table system, purchase the upgrade version of the Wonder Fence here.

Ultra positioner-based INCRA TS Systems may need to have the fence extrusion upgraded to be fully compatible with the Wonder Fence. The early-style rip fences that need to be upgraded can be identified by having only one T-slot on the front face and one T-slot on the side where it mounts to the carriage. Newer Wonder Fence-compatible rip fences are machined on the front face, have black end caps, and have TWO T-slots on the side where it attaches to the carriage. Please contact us for special pricing on this upgrade if you have an early-style fence

TS-LS Wonder Fence Joinery Package

Now available for imperial or metric INCRA Systems!
If you own an INCRA Table Saw Fence System and you have a router table mounted next to your saw, the Wonder Fence Joinery Package is the way to take the quality of your woodworking to the very top level.

The INCRA Joinery Package starts with the Wonder Fence Upgrade, which slides into your fence's front T-slot to handle any shaping or moulding job you can name, and the package is then loaded with the best accessories to make your INCRA Saw System a top-notch solution for box joints and dovetail joints ranging from traditional to absolutely stunning. This package gives your INCRA table saw system the same routing capability as our LS Router Systems.
The Master Reference Guide provides straightforward instructions and 51 joinery templates (25 in the metric version) to slide into the positioner to provide a visual reference for each joint pattern. Those templates can produce a mind-boggling variety of joints - 11 box joint patterns and 29 dovetail patterns are included (or 9 metric box joints and 16 metric dovetails), and each one of the dovetail patterns can be cut half blind, through, sliding, or corner post. The number of variations on the standard patterns runs into the billions if you have enough time to experiment.

Our Jumbo Right Angle Fixture is included to keep workpieces square to the fence and router table for joinery operations.

Instead of the basic stop block of typical router fences, the included INCRA Shop Stop is based on our incremental positioning racks to give you unparalleled accuracy and patented repeatability when limiting a board's travel across the router bit or setting the endpoints of stopped grooves for drawer and box bottoms.

This great video is loaded with information - how to take advantage of the Wonder Fence's advanced features, cut perfect fitting rabbets and dadoes, and it has start to finish instructions for box joints, and the four most common styles of dovetail joints.

Compatibility Notes:
- The package as-shown is complete only when added to an existing INCRA table saw fence system; LS- or Ultra-based router table applications will require a base fence that accepts the Wonder Fence's adjustable halves.

- Owners of Ultra positioner-based table saw systems may need to upgrade to the new-style TS-IIIA fence extrusion to be compatible with the Wonder Fence. Early-style fences can be identified by having only one T-slot on the front face of the fence and only one T-slot on the rear of the fence, and early-style fences do not have black plastic end caps. If your system has the early-style fence, use the selector above to add the 36" TS-IIIA fence extrusion at a discounted price.

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