INCRA Build-It System

Build Jigs FAST!

The INCRA Build-It Modular Jig & Fixture Platform System is a revolutionary time saver for constructing a huge variety of common
and special purpose jigs such as coping sleds, tenoning jigs, table saw crosscutting sleds, and many more.

The adjustable miter slot runners screw to predrilled universal panels to form an accurate foundation for the jig, panels can be quickly
linked together, and the various knobs, T-Tracks, brackets, and connectors make short work of attaching the jig's remaining components.

INCRA Build-It Panel - Large (11.75" x 15.50")
INCRA Build-It Panel - Small (7.75" x 15.50")

INCRA Build-It T-Slot Connector - 18"
INCRA Build-It T-Slot Connector - 24"

INCRA Miter Slider SE- 18"
INCRA Miter Slider SE - 25.5"

INCRA Miter Slider - 18"
INCRA Miter Slider - 24"

INCRA Build-It Brackets
INCRA Build-It Clamp
INCRA Build-It Knobs

INCRA Build-It System Starter Kit

The Build-It System allows fast construction of all sorts of handy jigs and fixtures, but what if you're not sure where to start?
The Starter Kit is the perfect solution. It includes at least one of every system component at a discounted price and start-to-finish plans for
5 different jigs and more. It's expandable with additional Build-It components, and virtually all the parts can be recycled into a different jig when the need arises.

INCRA Build-It System Starter Kit
Jigs You Can Make with New Build-It System Starter Kit

INCRA T-Tracks

INCRA T-Track Regular is a single T-Track, no scale. T-Track Plus is the only T-Track with an included adjustable scale.

Choose from four lengths. Can be cut to fit your jig exactly.

INCRA T-Track Regular -18"

INCRA T-Track Regular -24"
INCRA T-Track Regular -36"

INCRA T-Track Regular -48"

INCRA T-Track Plus -18"
INCRA T-Track Plus -24"
INCRA T-Track Plus -36"
INCRA T-Track Plus -48"
INCRA & Woodpeckers Track Clamps

Great clamping options for any application! Compatible with INCRA & Woodpeckers T-Tracks and most brands that use 1/4"-20 hardware.
Made in USA.

INCRA I-Box Jig for Box Joints

This is the most advanced box joint jig ever produced! Works at both table saws and router tables, features micro-adjustable joint tightness, and allows pin widths from 1/8" - 3/4". Fast setup for basic joints, plus advanced capability for unique decorative joints, too. Hand screw clamp not included. Made in USA.

INCRA Miter Slider SE

Here's a new product that combines the versatility of the INCRA
Build-It products with the unique performance and feel of the adjustable GlideLOCK miter bar used on INCRA Miter Gauges. The new steel Miter Slider SE are more rigid than any wooden or plastic runners, and they're not susceptible to changes in humidity or temperature.

INCRA Miter Slider SE- 18"

INCRA Miter Slider SE - 25.5"

INCRA Miter Slider

This long aluminum runner adjusts from the TOP for perfect sliding action in any standard 3/4" x 3/8" miter gauge slot. Won't warp, shrink, or swell like wooden runners.

INCRA Miter Slider - 18"

INCRA Miter Slider - 24"

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INCRA Track System

The INCRA Track System is designed for maximum versatility in your woodworking shop. Including INCRA Track & INCRA Shop Stop. Available in 3 sizes:

INCRA Track System - 18" Track & Shop Stop

INCRA Track System - 36" Track & Shop Stop

INCRA Track System - 52" Track & Shop Stop

INCRA Track System - 18" Track ONLY
INCRA Track System - 36" Track ONLY
INCRA Track System - 52" Track ONLY
INCRA Track System - Shop Stop ONLY

INCRA Miter Channels

Now you can add an INCRA T-Slot Miter Channel to any router table or user-made fixture for use with your miter gauge, feather boards, hold-downs or sliding jigs.

INCRA Miter Channel - 32"

INCRA Miter Channel - 48"
INCRA Glue-in Miter Channel
Porter-Cable 9-piece Guide Bushing Set

Set includes 7 steel guide bushings in popular sizes plus two lock rings, all in a fitted case. Compatible with all brands of router bases or router plate rings that have a recessed 1-3/16" center hole.
Made in USA, 3yr warranty.

Improve your accuracy by getting a better view with this exclusive work light kit. Includes iGaging flexible-arm magnetic base, detachable LED flashlight, and a mounting plate with hardware.

Micro Jig MICRODIAL Tapering Jig

Add refinement to your projects with a few accurate tapers set in either degrees or rise/run. Completely repeatable mechanism and exceptional safety when paired with 1 or 2 GR-200 GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblocks (sold separately).

Made in USA.

This is simply the best coping sled on the market, greatly improving your control when routing end grain. Great quality construction, nice details, versatile design.
Woodpeckers BC4-M2 Box Clamp

Save yourself tons of project assembly time and aggravation by ordering Woodpeckers BC4-M2 Box Clamps in pairs, 4-packs, 8-packs, or value 12-clamp value packs. Nearly indestructible glass-reinforced polymer clamps hold a broad variety of joints at right angles for easy assembly. Made in USA.

INCRA Jumbo Right Fixture

The INCRA Jumbo Right Angle Fixture is used to hold your workpiece perpendicular to the table surface during end grain cutting operations.