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INCRA PRL-V2 Lift (Milwaukee 5625) INCRA PRL-V2 Lift (PC 890 & Bosch 1617/1618) INCRA PRL-V2 (Porter Cable 7518)

INCRA PRL-V2 Lift (Milwaukee 5625)

The concept is like nothing else: To raise or lower the router quickly, the quick lifting tool disengages the lift's mechanism and the spring assist allows the heaviest routers to travel freely along the lift's 3-1/4" range of travel with very light effort and no cranking.

The router's collet can be raised above the table for bit changes in two seconds!
The quick adjuster provides the speed, and the crank-less micro adjust provides the finesse. After the router bit height is in the ballpark, the fine tuning is done with a large, instantly-accessible thumbwheel embedded in the lift's top plate. The micro adjust travel indicator dial is graduated every .002" and can be reset to zero. A carriage brake is also available right next to the micro adjust thumbwheel to eliminate drift during extended routing operations.

As with our custom INCRA Mast-R-Lift-II, the PRL-V2's top plate is a super flat Blanchard-ground casting that's machined to accept INCRA's unique MagnaLOCK reducing ring system.
The top plate's 9.250" x 11.750" dimensions make it a perfect fit with every INCRA Router Table. The laser-cut steel rings are securely held in with powerful rare earth magnets for super fast ring changes, and a simple leveling system guarantees that the rings will snap in absolutely flush with the surrounding plate.

The MagnaLOCK system is simply the most convenient, best performing reducing ring style available. Includes five reducing rings for great variety right out of the box: 3/8", 1", 1-5/8", 2-5/8", & 3-5/8"

Router Compatibility: The PRL-V2's massive, one-piece carriage comes equipped with one of three available sets of motor mounting pads. This version comes ready to accept the 3hp motor from the Milwaukee5625-20 fixed base router, and optional motor pad sets are available to convert the carriage for use with some other fixed-base routers from Bosch, Porter-Cable, and Milwaukee.
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for optional motor pad sets.

Table Compatibility: Fits all INCRA Router Tables and some other brands that use a 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" x 3/8" plate size with a 0.750” corner radius. For tables like Kreg and JessEm that have no rabbeted ledge, use the CleanSweep Table Adapter to support the router lift.

Need a new Milwaukee router?
Note: Milwaukee Routers are NOT compatible with the METRIC Mast-R-Lift II Router Lift. Stay tuned!

Available in 3.5hp and 2.25hp models, Milwaukee makes premium fixed-base routers with innovative features and best-in-class power. Both have been on the market more than 10 years and continue a long history of high-quality Milwaukee power tools.

Electronic-feedback 10,000rpm - 22,000rpm variable speed with 36-position dials
Exceptional durability: Dust-sealed bearings and switches, 8ft heavy-duty cords
Self-releasing precision collets & forged collet wrenches
5-year limited warranties

Milwaukee 5625-20 Heavy Duty 3.5hp Router

Milwaukee 5616-20 BodyGrip® 2.25hp Router

Milwaukee’s 3.5hp production router is one of our favorites! It’s very smooth for its size and has an accurate collet, excellent variable speed, and great fit and finish. This is a well-proven design, part of a long history of high-quality Milwaukee power tools.

The 5625’s soft-start 120 Volt, 15 Amp motor has plenty of power for turning the largest router bits. It’s been popular for years among demanding CNC router users, and it’s the ideal high-power choice when you're creating a dedicated router table setup.

Includes a self-releasing 1/2" precision collet, nice forged collet wrenches, and an above-table height adjuster.
Milwaukee’s 2.25hp fixed-base 5616 is the right answer for many situations that call for a midsize router – it’s equally at home installed in an INCRA router lift or used for freehand work.

Like it’s larger brother, the 5625, the Milwaukee 5616 is a premium router with a smooth, powerful motor, accurate collets, excellent variable speed, and great fit and finish.

Includes a self-releasing 1/2" & 1/4" precision collet, nice forged collet wrenches, and an above-table height adjuster.

INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection Combo INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection Cabinet Wixey Remote Digital Readout w/ Fractions
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INCRA MagnaLOCK Ring Set Wixey Digital Height Gauge w/ Fractions INCRA 6-pc CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Ring Set
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INCRA PRL-V2 Adaptor Pads (WPV2PADS) INCRA CleanSweep Router Table Adapter INCRA Router Table Routing Template
INCRA PRL-V2 Adaptor Pads
Our Price: $38.95
INCRA PRL-V2 Adaptor Pads

The PRL-V2 uses a set of three motor mounting pads to match the carriage to the outside diameter of a variety of router motors, so setting up the lift to accept a different router is as easy as changing to the appropriate motor pads. Use the options selector to choose from one of three pad sets:

- Porter-Cable 890 - 899 series
- Bosch 1617EVS and 1618

- Milwaukee 5625-20

- Porter-Cable 7518
- Porter-Cable 7519
- JessEm PowRTek Motor 05200

INCRA Router Table Routing Template

There's a lot of value the convenience, economy, and performance of a good commercially-made router table, but if you want to build a table or have a custom router installation in mind, this routing template will save you tons of time.

This 3/4"- thick MDF template is machined on computerized equipment to produce a perfect fitting table opening for 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" INCRA router lifts and router mounting plates.The generous border allows it to be clamped into position on all but the largest router tables, and there's plenty of surface area for double-sided tape, if you prefer.

Note: This template will not work for the 8-1/4" wide plate of the Rockler/INCRA Mast-R-Lift II.

A pattern router bit (bearing on the shank) with a cutting length of 1/2" to 3/4" is ideal for use with this template, and the Whiteside K-41 bit is ideal.

Recommended Accessories:

Whiteside #K-41 Pattern Routing Bit

This top-quality pattern bit has the pilot bearing on its 1/4" shank. The short 1/2" cutting length is much shorter than most pattern bits, allowing it to fit places others won't. Ideal for routing table openings with the INCRA Router Table Routing Template.

INCRA CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Porter-Cable Guide Bushing Ring Individual INCRA CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Rings INCRA MagnaLOCK Solid Insert