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  INCRA Miter Gauges  

The extreme accuracy that made INCRA famous is now available in an extraordinary NEW family of incremental Miter Gauges. If you've decided it's time to replace the factory gauge that came with your table saw, band saw, router table, disk sander, belt sander, or any other tool with a miter slot, INCRA now offers eight different models to choose from with just the right features at just the right price.
INCRA Miter V27
INCRA MiterV120

INCRA MiterV120 Shopsmith Edition

INCRA Miter 1000
INCRA Miter 1000SE
INCRA Miter 1000HD

INCRA Miter 3000
INCRA Miter 3000SE
INCRA Miter 5000
INCRA Miter Express
INCRA Miter Gauge Combo Pack
INCRA I-Box Jig for Box Joints   

This is the most advanced box joint jig ever produced!  Works at both table saws and router tables, features micro-adjustable joint tightness, and allows pin widths from 1/8" - 3/4".  Fast setup for basic joints, plus advanced capability for unique decorative joints, too. Hand screw clamp not included. Made in USA.

Forrest Saw Blades  

For Table Saw, Radial Arm Saws and Chop / Miter Saws. Forrest Dado King Sets for Table and Radial Arm Saw.
Forrest Woodworker-II 40T 10" x 1/8" Kerf
Forrest Woodworker-II 40T 10" x 3/32" Kerf
Forrest 8" Dado King Stacking Dado Set w/ Case
Forrest 8" 2-pc Box Joint Blade Set

 Setup Tools  
A-Line-It System Kit
Woodpeckers Saw Gauge
Wixey WR365 Digital Angle Gauge with Level
Wixey Mini Digital Height Gauge
Wixey 3" Digital Protractor
Wixey 8" Digital Protractor
Wixey Digital Angle Gauge
Wixey Digital Height Gauge w/ Fractions
Wixey Digital Calipers w/ Fractions
iGaging Digital Dial Indicator
iGaging E-Z View 6" Digital Caliper with Fractions

iGaging 6" Dial Caliper
iGaging Angle Cube Level/Bevel Gauge
iGaging SnapDepth Digital Indicator

iGaging 0-1" Digital Thickness Gauge

iGaging 22pc Indicator Tip Set

iGaging Magnetic Base w/ Digital Indicator

Make your woodworking safer with our broad selection of push blocks and hold downs for every application.

Improve your accuracy by getting a better view with this exclusive work light kit. Includes iGaging flexible-arm magnetic base, detachable LED flashlight, and a mounting plate with hardware.

JessEm Paralign Feather Boards  

Paralign feather boards feature a two-piece design for quick setups and consistent pressure on fences and in 3/4" miter slots.  Great for router tables, table saws, and band saws.  Available in Single or Double Pack.

  Micro Jig MICRODIAL Tapering Jig 

Add refinement to your projects with a few accurate tapers set in either degrees or rise/run.  Completely repeatable mechanism and exceptional safety when paired with 1 or 2 GR-200 GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblocks (sold separately).

Made in USA.

 Grip-Tite Magnetic Feather Board Systems   

Grip-Tites hold wood to the fence and down. They stop kickback and make every cut accurate.
Grip-Tites set up in three seconds - with one hand, Cut long or narrow or warped boards easily and safely.

Grip-Tite Advanced Safety Combo
Grip-Tite "Safe Cuts, Straight Cuts" DVD
Grip-Tite 2000 Magnetic Feather Boards
Grip-Tite Roller Guides
Grip-Tite Sub Fence Hole Clamps

Grip-Tite Steel Fence Plates 36" x 4"
Grip-Tite Steel Fence Plates 42" x 4"
Grip-Tite Steel Router Fence - Set of 2, 12" x 4"

GRR-Ripper Safety System

Micro Jig GRR-Ripper System Advanced
Micro Jig GRR-Ripper System - Basic
Micro Jig MICRODIAL Tapering Jig
Micro Jig GRR-Ripper Handle Bridge
Micro Jig Deflector/Connector for the GRR-Ripper

Micro Jig 1/8" Leg for GRR-Ripper System
Micro Jig GRR-Ripper Instructional DVD