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JessEm Paralign Feather Board (Double Pack) JessEm Pow-R-Tek Remote Router Switch
JessEm Paralign Feather Board (Double Pack)

These high-quality feather boards offer fast setups and excellent control over the hold down pressure to improve the consistency of your work. They attach quickly to fences with 1/4" T-slots and also include fittings for installation in the standard 3/4" miter slots of your router table and table saw.

The Paralign Double Pack includes hardware for stacking both feather boards together, perfect for controlling taller panels on a router table or when resawing at the band saw.

These feather boards have two unique features that offer much quicker setups than traditional designs:

First, the two-piece design keeps the feather board surface aligned parallel to the lumber as you adjust the hold down pressure, plus you can also move the feather board along the length of the fence while maintaining the desired pressure setting.

Second, the first feather is shorter than the rest and serves as a setting gauge. Simply lower the first feather into contact with the lumber and tighten the knobs - the remaining longer feathers are automatically set to a height that provides even pressure to the work piece. It's fast!

When installed directly on INCRA LS system fences, the Paralign Feather Boards will allow up to 1" thick lumber to pass beneath them. Adding a shop-made sub fence that incorporates a length of T-Track at a higher height allows virtually unlimited lumber thickness capacity.

When mounted in a miter slot, their horizontal reach is adjustable from 3/4" to 4-3/4" from the miter slot's centerline, and reversing the feathers in the body produces a reach of 4-1/2" to 8-1/2". When stacked together, the
feathers' top edges are about 1-5/8" above the table surface.

JessEm Pow-R-Tek Remote Router Switch

A remote switch is a great way to eliminate fumbling under your router table!

This new switch from JessEm is attached to a heavy steel offset bracket that allows easy mounting to a variety of surfaces and in different orientations. On INCRA router table stands, it can be mounted directly to the T-slots in the legs with 1/4"-20 bolts & nuts.

The Pow-R-Tek switch has a 15 Amp capacity to handle modern 3hp routers, a removable safety key, 8ft of cord, and two switched receptacles on the rear.