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Woodpeckers 32" Precision T-Square
Woodpeckers 32" Precision T-Square

These Precision T-Squares are absolutely beautiful and truly a joy to own and use, and they offer accuracy previously not available in tools large enough for big furniture or cabinet projects.

The solid aluminum head and beam are flawlessly machined on Woodpeckers own CNC mills and richly anodized. The parts are then joined with six hex-head bolts for accurate alignment while still allowing the replacement of damaged components.

In addition to laying out lines and positioning parts perpendicular to the edge of a board, these T-squares are perfect for laying out marks and lines at precise distances from the edge of a board. Putting down lines parallel to an edge has never been easier - there are 1mm holes machined every 1/16" into the center of the beam. Just drop your pencil point into the hole and draw the square's head along the board to put down perfectly straight lines.

The beam's edges are beveled toward the work surface, and both edges feature laser-engraved scales marked in 1/32" graduations. The machined reference surface of the head even features a lip that extends over the work piece to prevent the beam from tipping up on edge... talk about hitting all the details!

Each square comes in a fitted, wall-mountable wooden case for protected storage and easy access.