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LS Positioner Instructional DVD
INCRA LS Positioner Instructional DVD
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INCRA LS Positioner Instructional DVD

This professionally made video is no lightweight at 1hr, 22min in length. Individual chapters provide easy access to specific operations, and you can put the DVD in your laptop computer and haul that information right out to the shop!

Assembly and Operation
Setups for grooving, rabbeting, edge forming and edge jointing
Box Joints
Through Dovetails
Double Dovetails
Cornerpost Dovetails
Learn to create hundreds of custom joint patterns
82 minutes of step-by-step instruction
Plus FREE Bonus INCRA Products Demo DVD
Already own an INCRA System? Although the various Incra positioners differ mechanically, they all operate on the same principles. This video was produced specifically for the LS Positioner, but it's PACKED with information that's of great value to owners of earlier systems. Why? ... because joint-making procedures are the same for all INCRA models.