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Ridge Carbide TS2000 10x40T Saw Blade
Ridge Carbide TS2000 10x40T Saw Blade
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Don’t like changing blades? Ridge Carbide’s TS2000 offers exceptional performance across a wide range of jobs – super smooth rips and crosscuts in solid lumber up to 2” thick, splinter-free cuts in plywood, and even basic joinery. This blade is a proven performer, earning the "Best Overall" badge from Fine Woodworking Magazine (March/April 2018).

10” x 40T alternate top bevel grind w/ 8 flat raker teeth, 1/8” full kerf or 3/32” thin kerf, 5/8” arbor.
Made in USA.

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Ridge Carbide TS2000 10x40T Saw Blade
Rip & Crosscut, 1/8” Full Kerf or 3/32” Thin Kerf

While no single blade is perfect for every job, the American-made TS2000 is among the best all-around table saw blades on the market – look at any combination blade comparison test in the past 20 years and the TS2000 will be at the top, most recently earning "Best Overall" honors from Fine Woodworking Magazine (March/April 2018). This is the blade we relied upon for years to demonstrate the incredible accuracy of INCRA Table Saw Systems at woodworking shows.

Full kerf or thin kerf?
The thin kerf version is a great choice for rip cuts in thicker lumber or when using a less powerful table saw. The full kerf version has a stiffer body that improves accuracy for miter cuts, plus the 1/8” kerf simplifies the math for cutting rabbets & grooves.

Some of the TS2000’s great features:

Sharper blades work better! Most blades are ground to 400 grit, but Ridge Carbide finishes the tops and faces of the teeth with 1,200 grit diamond wheels. The tips literally gleam!

The full kerf version is exactly 1/8” wide, so it’s easy to get precisely-sized narrow parts off the left side of the blade – edge banding, splines, inlay stock, etc. it also simplifies the math for cutting grooves and joinery.

Every fifth tooth is a flat top raker, so it cuts a nearly flat-bottomed groove. This feature makes it great for slotting operations and table saw-based joinery like tenons, half-lap joints, and two-kerf rabbets.

Extra-thick C-4 carbide tips let you sharpen the TS2000 20-25 times, giving these blades a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years in a typical home shop.

Fantastic value: You’ll spend $300 in sharpening costs over the life of ANY blade, so why give up performance by spending less on the blade up front?

If you’ve been spending $60 – $70 on mass-market blades of different colors, treat yourself to a premium blade. Instead of gimmicks like low-friction paint and vibration reducing gizmos, your money buys you top-shelf materials, razor sharpness, and tight manufacturing tolerances.


Size: 10” Diameter, 40 Teeth, 5/8” Arbor

Carbide Tips: Micro Grain C-4

Tip Grind: 15° Alternate Top Bevel + 8 Flat Raker Teeth

Hook Angle (Rake): +15°

Kerf Width: 1/8” (0.125”) Full Kerf or 3/32” (0.095”) Thin Kerf

Body Thickness: 0.094”

Made in USA.

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