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Ridge Carbide 8” Stack Dado
Ridge Carbide 8” Stack Dado
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Ridge Carbide’s tight tolerances, extreme sharpness, and -5° hook angle will provide tearout-free grooves in both solid lumber and on fragile surfaces like veneered plywood or melamine. Adjustable from 1/4” to just over 7/8”, including widths like 15/32" & 23/32" for undersized plywood, and includes metal shims for fine-tuning. 8” diameter, 5/8” arbor. Made in USA.

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Product Code: RC-NW8-DM-DS-58

Ridge Carbide 8" Stack Dado
5/8” Arbor, 1/4” to 29/32" Width

Look at any dado set comparison test in the past 30 years and the 2 brands at the top will be Ridge Carbide and Forrest. Never heard of Ridge Carbide? They’ve been working factory-direct with commercial shops and hobbyists for standard & custom blades, custom cutters, and sharpening since 1970.

Ridge Carbide’s tight tolerances and extreme sharpness will provide tear-out-free, flat bottom grooves in solid lumber and plywood with minimal “bat’s ears” in the corners.
The set adjusts from 1/4” to just over 7/8”, and the included 3/32” chipper handles grooves for undersized plywood like 15/32" & 23/32".

The included metal shim kit lets you tweak the stack width by more than 1/16” in 0.005” increments to perfectly match your projects.

If you’re cutting box joints with the INCRA I-Box or other step-type box joint jigs, the adjusting shims give you lots more flexibility in matching the cut pattern to the board width.

The -5° hook angle produces excellent results in the most fragile veneers and melamine. The negative hook also allows using the dado set on both table saws and radial arm saws.

Extra-thick C-4 carbide tips let you sharpen the set 20-25 times.

8-piece set is shipped in a cardboard storage case

Quick Tip: Ridge Carbide’s sharpening service is the best in the business…do yourself a favor and don’t send your blades anywhere else for service.


Size: 8” Diameter, 5/8” Arbor, 24T Outer Blades

Width range: 1/4” to 29/32”

Hook Angle (Rake): -5°

4-Wing Chippers: (4) 1/8", (1) 1/16", and (1) 3/32"

Metal Shim Kit: 2 pcs each .005", .010", .015", .020", & .026"

Made in USA.

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