Save $30 on INCRA LS Standard Systems
Starting at only $279.00

Joinery is what ultimately holds your projects together, and the bargain-priced LS Standard Systems are great values with their ability to quickly produce joints ranging from perfect-fitting basic joints like rabbets and dados to the most intricate decorative box joints and dovetails imaginable. These systems are equipped with every INCRA joinery accessory, and the fence's T-slot will accept future upgrades like the Wonder Fence and all manner of shop-made fixtures. Available in 17" or 25" fence travel and also in metric. Made in USA!
Save $40 on INCRA LS17 Super Systems
Starting at only $349.00

The LS Super Systems are hands down the most versatile router table fence systems available, having the ability to perform every shaping and moulding job you can name in addition to the stunning variety of box joints and dovetails the INCRA systems are famous for. The LS17 offers a compact size, great ergonomics, and enough capacity for 99% of LS System users. Fully adjustable fence opening & offset, built-in micro adjust with 0.001" resolution, and perfect repeatability for every fence setup are just a few of the features you'll appreciate every day.
Made in USA!
Save $40 on LS25 Super Systems
Starting at only $379.00

The LS25 Super System offers the same versatility and accuracy as the LS17-based systems, but the 8" longer sliding carriage produces about 50% more fence travel. If your work requires larger distances between the fence and router bit or you plan to someday convert the LS system for table saw use with the INCRA rail system, the LS25 is a smart investment. The fully adjustable fence opening & offset, built-in micro adjust with 0.001" resolution, and perfect repeatability will improve your projects while dramatically reducing your fence setup time.
Made in USA!
Save $20 on INCRA Build-It Starter Kits
Now only $99.95

TBuild Shop Jigs Fast! The Build-It system is a huge time saver when you need to build sliding jigs and fixtures. The Build-It Starter Kit includes at least one of every Build-It component and complete plans for 5 handy, easy-building jigs, and the special price is a savings of $26 over the regular component prices. Many more jigs are possible; add an additional Miter Slider and Large Build-It Panel for extra versatility. The included Miter Slider, T-Tracks, and Panel Connectors are the 18" size. Made in USA.
Save $25 on TS Base Mount Packages
Starting at $214.00

Put your INCRA positioner's accuracy to work on your saw! The Base Mount Packages include everything necessary to convert an existing Ultra 24" or LS25 router table positioner into a full time replacement table saw fence. Two rail lengths are available to provide either 32" or 52" total right-side rip capacity. Made in USA.
NEW! Save $15 on Micro Dial Tapering Jigs
Now only $129.95

A few well-placed tapers add elegance to any woodworking project, and Micro Jig is expanding their innovative line of American-made products by offering the most advanced tapering jig ever. A simple set of color-coded controls allows setting tapers in either degrees or rise/run formats for tapers on up to 8 sides of your lumber, and it can even serve as a straight-line rip guide to joint rough edges on your saw. An equally simple set of mechanics causes the jig to positively self-align to common angles for perfect repeatability. Recommended for use with 1 or 2 GR-200 GRR-Ripper push block systems for the greatest accuracy and control. Made in USA.

Save $5 on Woodpeckers Woodworking Rules
Starting at $24.95

These beautifully machined aluminum rules are far better than the general purpose and construction tools found in most home centers - they're straighter, stiffer, and heavier. Scales with 1/16" graduations are laser-engraved onto the rule's beveled edges, and there's a finger groove machined down the center for secure handling. Available in 24" and 36" lengths, Made in USA.