Woodpeckers Model 6SS Carpenter's Square
Limited time only, orders accepted ONLY through September 29! Estimated availability: February-March 2015
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Woodpeckers’ newest offering in their series of limited production One-Time Tools is this beautiful aluminum and stainless steel carpenter’s square. This one of a kind tool is head and shoulders above the crude squares found in home centers in both accuracy and quality, and it’s American-made just like all Woodpeckers products.

Save $20 on INCRA/JessEm Mast-R-Lift II
Now only $329.00

This is a really nice refinement of a bomb-proof design that carries over the previous Mast-R-Lift's instant response and intuitive ease-of-use. The new model uses a total of 5 sealed ball bearings on the lift screw and cam lock for unprecedented smoothness and very low friction, and the new quarter-turn cam lock positively stops height drift while routing and is easily operated by the same crank used for height adjustments. The new design also accepts a wide variety of fixed base routers without the need for adapters, allowing an easy upgrade path if you're planning to change routers. Made in Canada.

Save on INCRA/Woodpeckers PRL-V2 Router Lifts

This custom-built MagnaLOCK version of the Woodpeckers PRL-V2 is exclusive to INCRA! The unique mechanism allows the router bit to be instantly raised or lowered without cranking for faster router bit changes, and micro-adjust thumbwheel built right into the top plate. The PRL-V2 is also set up with the exclusive MagnaLOCK reducing ring system for lightning-fast ring changes and a perfectly flush fit between the rings and surrounding plate. Five MagnaLOCK reducing rings are standard equipment. Versions are available for the Milwaukee 5625, Porter-Cable 7518, and Porter Cable 890. Fits all INCRA router tables. Made in USA. Add to shopping cart for special pricing!
Save $10 on the INCRA HingeCrafter
Now only $64.95

Nothing says "Craftsmanship" like adding matching wooden hinges to your projects! The HingeCrafter can be used in conjunction with any INCRA incrementally-positioned router fence system or the INCRA IBox to produce unique hinges up to 10"-wide and with 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", or 3/4" barrel diameters. Includes an extra-long drill bit and full instructions. Be sure to order the metric HingeCrafter if you have a metric INCRA router system. Made in USA.
Save $10 on the Metric INCRA HingeCrafter
Now only $64.95

Make wooden hinges to finish off those special projects! The metric-edition HingeCrafter can be used in conjunction with any metric-based INCRA router fence positioner or the INCRA IBox to produce unique hinges up to 250mm wide and with 9.5mm, 12.7mm, 15.9mm, or 19.0mm barrel diameters. Includes an extra-long drill bit and full instructions. Please note that the metric HingeCrafter is NOT compatible with imperial 1/32"-based INCRA systems, but it will work fine with the IBox. Made in USA.

Save $20 on the INCRA 24”x36” Offset Router Tables
Now only $189.00

This 24" x 36" is the most compact offset-style table we offer. It's an excellent choice for the Original INCRA Jig, and the layout offers a direct upgrade path to the INCRA LS17 Systems when you're ready. The table is pre-drilled to directly accept the LS17 positioner and an aluminum miter channel is already installed. The included aluminum INCRA MagnaLOCK Router Mounting Plate is pre-drilled to fit most popular routers; specify plate model for your favorite router or upgrade to an INCRA Router Lift for the ultimate in convenience. Made in USA.

Save $10 on Wixey Remote Digital Readouts
Now only $69.95

Finally, an inexpensive digital unit that accurately displays fractions and can be retrofitted to a wide variety of router lifts, shapers, and other machines. The display simultaneously displays fractions & decimal inch with 1/1000" resolution and shows millimeters at the touch of a button. This unit works well on both the INCRA Mast-R-Lift II and the INCRA PRL-V2 router lifts. The remote display mounts easily wherever it works best with your setup. The sensor attaches to router lift by drilling two holes & includes self-threading screws. The 3ft. display cable quickly disconnects from the sensor for removing the router lift, etc.

Save 15% on Wixey Digital Angle Gauge with Level
Now only $41.95

Wixey Digital Angle Gauges can measure the angle between any two surfaces down to 0.1 degrees, perfect for making super accurate setups on saw blades, band saw tables, & jointer fences. The new WR365 even features a built-in level that's permanently calibrated to the center of the earth so it works like a bubble level that fits in your apron pocket, and the new flip-up display pivots away from body up to 60 degrees for easy reading. Super strong magnets keep it positioned on your machinery; uses standard AAA cells for up to 2yr battery life.