Woodpeckers Straddle Squares
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Estimated availability: September 2015

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We're taking orders for these limited-production tools ONLY through Monday, May 4, with an estimated shipping date in September 2015. Made in USA from solid aluminum billet and stainless steel on Woodpeckers' own machines, then anodized and laser engraved.

Save over 15% on the Original Incra Jig
Now only $49.95

It's amazing that such a simple, inexpensive tool can so profoundly broaden your shop's capabilities. Use it on your router table to get more accuracy for everyday work and to explore an endless range of box joints and dovetails, or use it at any machine in your shop that would benefit from an accurate, repeatable fence positioner. INCRA's patented incremental racks mesh each time the clamping knob is tightened, causing the fence to mechanically snap to the dead center of the closest 1/32" with an accuracy of +/-0.002" and perfect repeatability. Includes a detailed 1-hr DVD, a 3/8" box joint template, a 1/2" dovetail template. Pick up the Master Reference Guide for even more joinery variety, and add the Incra Jig Fence System to get up and running even faster. Made in USA.
Save over 15% on the Metric Original Incra Jig
Now only $49.95

Did you know that we carry a Metric Original Incra Jig? The teeth on the patented incremental racks allow a fence to be quickly and precisely positioned in 1.0mm intervals with incredible 0.05mm accuracy and perfect repeatability. A metric scale is preinstalled, and the jig includes templates for producing 10mm box joints and 12.7mm (1/2") dovetail joints. In addition to accurate router table work, the Original's low cost and compact size makes it a great choice for use as a fence positioner for your band saw or drill press. Add the optional Metric Master Reference Guide to get an incredible variety of box joint and dovetail templates and use our INCRA Jig Fence System to get your Jig up and running even more quickly. Made in USA.
Save over 15% on the Original Incra Jig Fence System
Now only $49.95

This fence system is the ideal companion to the Original INCRA Jigs and a huge time saver. All of the items needed to produce highly detailed box joints and dovetails are included, as well as hardware and information for creating even more accessories. The 20"-long, laminated MDF fence is machined with a front T-slot and a 1-1/4" wide x 1" high router bit opening, and hardware and instructions provided for shop-made wooden sub fences that allow larger cutters and a variable-size router bit opening. The sturdy aluminum right angle features plenty of T-slots in the faceplate for adding backing boards or other fixtures for specialized work. The double-laminated fence stop reliably limits the length of the cut when dovetailing or when doing trapped drawer and box bottoms. Save yourself a ton of time getting your INCRA Jig into service! Made in USA.
Save 10% on INCRA Track Systems
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INCRA Track is a universal fence and stop system that adds INCRA accuracy and 1/1000" repeatability to your jigs and fixtures. The 1.5"-high fence has T-slots on every face for easy mounting and attaching zero-clearance sub fences. Attach them to INCRA Build-It System jigs with Build-It Brackets; perfect for chop saws and drill press tables, too. Track Systems include the incremental Shop Stop and Track Only is great for expanding your setup. Available in lengths of 18", 36", and 52".

Save 10% on INCRA Track Only
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These sections of INCRA Track are sold without the Shop Stop, so they're ideal for expanding an INCRA Track System on miter saws, crosscut sleds, drill presses, and more. A variety of holes and T-slots make them easy to mount, or you can use INCRA Build-It Brackets to allow instant side to side adjustability. Available in lengths of 18", 36", and 52".
Save $15 on Grip-Tite Advanced Safety Combos
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One Grip-Tite feather board on the table is good, and two on the fence are better. This combo has everything needed to maximize the versatility of the Grip-Tite system for wider stock or router table use: two GT-2000 feather boards, two Grip-Tite Roller Guides to apply pressure and keep the lumber against the fence, and your choice of custom-drilled steel fence plate to hold it all together. Don't forget to add the instructional DVD or a table saw splitter to the combo at a special price! Made in USA.
Save $10 on Woodpeckers Precision T-Squares
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These Precision T-Squares are absolutely beautiful and truly a joy to own and use, and they offer accuracy previously not available in tools large enough for big furniture or cabinet projects. In addition to laying out work perpendicular to an edge, putting down lines parallel to an edge has never been easier - there are 1mm pencil holes machined into the center of the beam every 1/16". All parts are CNC machined anodized aluminum, and the beam's beveled edges feature laser-engraved scales with 1/32" graduations. Available in 24" & 32" lengths; each comes with a fitted storage case. They're made in the USA, too.
Save 15% on Wixey Mini Height Gauges
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Wixey's newest gauge is one of the most versatile imperial/metric digital readouts available! Its 3" height range allows accurate, repeatable cutter heights on your saw, router table, or shaper, and magnetic feet allow it to stand upright on cast iron machines. You can also use it to set the distance between the fence and cutter on router tables, band saws, and drill presses. There's even a snap-in probe for measuring the depth of holes or grooves up to 2" deep.