Save $50 on Router Table & Fence Combo #1
Now only $582

The LS17 Standard System is the basis for Router Table Combo #1, and it's equipped with all of the INCRA accessories for producing super-precise joinery from basic rabbets and dados to the extreme box joints and dovetails we're famous for. The LS standard systems are easily upgradable with the Wonder Fence in the future for even greater versatility, and Combo #1 is rounded out with the compact 24" x 36" Offset Router Table, FREE Aluminum MagnaLOCK router mounting plate, and matching Router Table Stand RTSTAND36. Upgrade to an INCRA router lift for the ultimate in convenience. Made in USA.

Save $60 on Router Table & Fence Combo #2
Now only $607

Router Table Combo #2 uses the same LS17 Standard System as Combo #1, so it has the same accuracy, repeatability, and options for future upgrades. Rather than using a compact router table, Combo #2 is upgraded with a 27" x 43" Offset Router Table (our largest) for more work surface and the larger footprint of the Router Table Stand RTSTAND43 for more storage when turned into a cabinet. Select a FREE Aluminum MagnaLOCK router mounting plate during checkout or upgrade to an INCRA router lift for the ultimate in convenience. Made in USA.

Save $60 on Router Table & Fence Combo #3
Now only $692

If you're looking for the ultimate router table system, start here. Router Table Combo #3 starts with the LS17 Super System, which simplifies every fence-guided operation that takes place on a router table. The included Wonder Fence handles every shaping and moulding job you can name, and the routing accessories allow you to easily produce the broad range of joints the INCRA systems are famous for. Our big 27" x 43" Offset Router Table provides lots of space to work, and the RTSTAND43 Router Table Stand is a snap to turn into a cabinet. Includes a predrilled aluminum MagnaLOCK router mounting plate, and you can also top off that ultimate system with the convenience of a router lift and the mobility of a wheel kit. Made in USA.
Save $55 on Router Table & Fence Combo #4
Now only $497

The dozens of basic table and fence packages on the market simply can’t match the accuracy of the machined-flat faces and micro adjustable offset of the Wonder Fence, the convenience and perfect fit of the Aluminum MagnaLock Plate, or the ease of turning the INCRA Router Stand into a working cabinet. Includes the Stand-Alone Wonder Fence 37, 24x32" center-mount table, and the matching INCRA router table stand. Please specify the model of MagnaLOCK router plate or upgrade to a Router Lift for the ultimate in convenience and add a wheel kit for mobility. Made in USA.

Save $20 on INCRA/JessEm Mast-R-Lift II
Now only $329

This is a really nice refinement of a bomb-proof design that carries over the previous Mast-R-Lift's instant response and intuitive ease-of-use. The new model uses a total of 5 sealed ball bearings on the lift screw and cam lock for unprecedented smoothness and very low friction, and the new quarter-turn cam lock positively stops height drift while routing and is easily operated by the same crank used for height adjustments. The new design also accepts a wide variety of fixed base routers without the need for adapters, allowing an easy upgrade path if you're planning to change routers. Made in Canada.

Save $30 on INCRA 32" TS-LS Systems
Now only $369

For fast setups, outstanding accuracy, and day to day repeatability, the TS-LS system has no equal. The fence locks at both rails and in line with the saw blade for incredible stiffness, and the positioning mechanics & micro adjust of the LS32 positioner provide amazing control over fence position. This system features 32" in right-side rip capacity and 72" aluminum rails, so it's a perfect choice for smaller- or medium-sized shops. Made in USA.

Save $40 on INCRA 52" TS-LS Systems
Now only $459

Here's a great price on the world's most accurate table saw fence. The 52"-rip capacity system (LS52-TS) puts the repeatable, micro-adjustable LS32 positioner on a stretched-out set of 92" rails. There's plenty of strength and capacity for sheet goods of all types, and fully adjustable mounting system makes the installation simple. Rail Support Legs are standard equipment but can be deleted for a credit. Made in USA.

Save $10 on TS Rail Support Legs
Now only $49.95

This sturdy leg set attaches to the rail T-slots on the TS-LS, TS-III, and TS-II saw systems, and it turns even a spindly-legged contractor's saw into a rock-solid platform that's a pleasure to use. They have a broad range of adjustment for height and saw depth and feature T-slots on the leg uprights for attaching accessories. Highly recommended for systems using the 28"x32" or 32"x32" right-side TS Router Tables. Made in USA.