Save big with INCRA Rules Master Sets!

Master Sets offer one-stop shopping, giving you the opportunity to own all of the most popular
INCRA Rule sizes and styles with one click at a substantial savings. These flexible steel rules feature a series of micro-fine guide holes and slots that perfectly accept a 0.5mm pencil to give you can't-miss accuracy and consistency.

There are T-Rules for placing lines and marks parallel to the edge of a board,
Bend Rules for working around corners, Marking Rules for inside corners or contoured project parts,
a Centering Rule, and even a Protractor for laying out angles.

Save $57 with the INCRA Rules Master Set
Now only $199.95

This 14-piece set saves you $57 over the cost of the individual items. Includes every inch-based INCRA rule up to 12", including specialty rules like the 12" centering rule and 6" protractor. FREE 0.5mm INCRA pencils, too! No coupon required.
Save $73 with the INCRA Rules Master Set Plus
Now only $299.95

Get them all! This 18-piece set includes every imperial INCRA Rule we make and saves you a whopping $73 off the individual prices. Includes all of the Master Set rules & accessories, plus it adds the extra range of the 18" rules for larger work. No coupon required.
Save $33 with the Metric INCRA Rules Master Set
Now only $164.95

The 11-piece set of Metric INCRA Rules & accessories represents a $33 savings over the individual prices. Includes one of each 150mm & 300M rule, plus 3 FREE 0.5mm INCRA pencils. No coupon required.
Save $20 on the INCRA 24" x 36" Offset Router Tables
Now only $189.00 spacer

This 24" x 36" is the most compact offset-style table we offer. It's an excellent choice for the Original INCRA Jig, and the layout offers a direct upgrade path to the INCRA LS17 Systems when you're ready. The table is pre-drilled to directly accept the LS17 positioner and an aluminum miter channel is already installed. The included aluminum INCRA MagnaLOCK Router Mounting Plate is pre-drilled to fit most popular routers; specify plate model for your favorite router or upgrade to an INCRA Router Lift for the ultimate in convenience. Made in USA.

Save $20 on INCRA Build-It Starter Kits
Now only $99.95 spacer

Build Shop Jigs Fast! The Build-It system is a huge time saver when you need to build sliding jigs and fixtures. The Build-It Starter Kit includes at least one of every Build-It component and complete plans for 5 handy, easy-building jigs, and the special price is a savings of $26 over the regular component prices. Many more jigs are possible; add an additional Miter Slider and Large Build-It Panel for extra versatility. The included Miter Slider, T-Tracks, and Panel Connectors are the 18" size. Made in USA!
Save 20% on INCRA Build-It Brackets
Now only $6.95 spacer

Great for attaching fences and other jig accessories at right angles to your Build-It System assemblies. Works with INCRA's new Build-It T-Slot Panel Connector and all INCRA T-Track (and other brands that use 1/4"-20 hardware). Includes (2) brackets, (4) knobs, (4) bolts and (4) washers.
Made in USA!

Save 20% on INCRA Build-It Knob Sets
Now only $7.95 spacer

Easily attach user-made stops and accessories up to 1" thick to INCRA T-Track or the INCRA T-Slot Panel Connectors on your Build-It assemblies. Includes a set of (8) knobs, washers, and 1/4"-20 bolts. Made in USA!