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INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence - 52" & 1320mm Range
INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence - 52" Range
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The 52”/1320mm-capacity TS-LS is based on a 92” rail and an LS32 positioner. The standard TS-LS (LS52-TS) covers saws measuring 28" or smaller front-to-rear (measured along the miter slot). The “XL” version fits most of the newer 10” & 12” cabinet saws with deeper tops measuring 33.5” or less using a longer fence and base support panel. Choose from 1/32" imperial or 1mm metric positioning mechanics below.

Made in U.S.A.

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Estimated availability: Estimated 7 – 10 week production lead time due to high demand
Product Code: LS52-TS

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INCRA 52" TS-LS Rip Fence System
INCRA Metric 1320mm TS-LS Rip Fence System

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Legendary Accuracy, Repeatability, and Efficiency:

Whether your table saw cost $500 or $3,500, your saw only turns the blade, and it's your rip fence that holds the key to the accuracy of your work.

In either inches or metric, the big advantage that an INCRA TS-LS fence system has over your current rip fence is quite simple: In addition to locking into perfect alignment, INCRA fences measure their distance from the blade mechanically, so your accuracy doesn’t depend on how much skill you have, how good your shop's lighting is, or how tired your eyes are.

Advanced design:

  • Simple, patented lead screw-based mechanics instantly position the fence in 1/32” steps +/-0.002” (1mm +/- 0.05mm for metric versions) with perfect repeatability…you can’t miss!
  • Integrated micro adjust knob allows moving between 1/32” increments in 0.001” steps
  • Fence locks at 3 points for exceptional stiffness
  • Consistent alignment relative to the blade
  • Fence T-slots accommodate hold downs and wooden sub fences
  • Straightforward installation on a huge variety of table saws
  • Two rail lengths provide 32” or 52” right-side ripping capacity with 14” in left-side capacity
  • Expandable in the future with router tables & accessories

Spend more time cutting, less time tapping and measuring!

It’s fast - each time you pull the LS32 positioner’s red locking lever, the lead screw mechanism instantly snaps the fence to the dead center of the nearest 1/32" increment with an accuracy of +/- 0.002". There’s no guesswork, period. In non-technical terms, that’s accurate enough to split a sharp pencil line into a dozen equal parts .

The LS positioner’s mechanics let you quickly repeat any fence setup hours or days later, giving you the flexibility to use your saw in ways you couldn’t before – make repetitive cuts with ease, turn out complex project parts that require several different fence settings, etc.

The TS-LS is already perfect in measuring increments of 1/32” or 1mm, but when you need to match existing project parts, the large micro-adjust knob turns the lead screw against the mating threads, allowing the fence to be shifted between 1/32” steps with 0.001" (0.025mm) resolution

Convenience and Capacity:

Two capacities available: The 32" (810mm)-capacity TS-LS is based on a 72" Rail length, and the 52" (1320mm)-capacity system uses 92" Rails. Both systems use the same LS32 Positioner, and quick-release knobs allow the positioner's base assembly to be shifted further from the saw blade on the 52" system's longer rails to achieve the greater capacity. The TS Rail Support Legs are standard equipment on the 52" System.

The quick-release feature allows the positioner's base assembly to be slid anywhere along the rails to access a router table, and the whole system lifts off the rails in seconds for total access to the saw's work surface or to reverse the system for ripping on the left side of the blade. Three pairs of stops on the rails guarantee that the fence system stays perfectly aligned and calibrated each time it’s moved.

Straightforward Installation:

Don't be put off by its appearance! The INCRA TS-LS System is a nuts-and-bolts installation on a huge variety of table saw and includes an excellent owner’s manual.

Choose Standard or XL:

Measure your saw’s top front to rear along the miter slot. The standard TS-LS (LS32-TS) covers saws measuring 28" or smaller front-to-rear. The “XL” version fits most of the newer 10” & 12” cabinet saws with deeper tops measuring 33.5” or less using a longer fence and base support panel.

The saw’s left-to-right width won’t matter for systems not equipped with router tables. You’ll keep your cast iron wings installed, and your existing extension tables can be reused.

Basic requirements for ALL table saws:
The saw’s top must have flat, vertical surfaces on both the front and rear for the (4) adjustable Incra rail mounting brackets to bolt against – two brackets at the front and two on the rear. The brackets are attached with a minimum 5/16”-18 or 8mm bolt. The bolt holes need to be centered between 3/4” and 1-3/8” down from the saw’s top surface, with enough clearance underneath the saw’s top for the washers, nuts and wrench (if the holes aren’t threaded).

The Compatibility Chart lists the various categories of saws, and the TS-LS owner’s manual is the best resource for seeing how the 4 rail mounting brackets attach and comparing that to your saw.

Deduct $40 from LS52-TS when ordering without TS Legs.

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