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INCRA LS Super System - 17" Range INCRA LS Super System - 25" Range
INCRA LS Super System - 17" & 430mm Range
List Price: $599.95
Our Price: $439.95
You save $160.00!
INCRA LS Super System - 25" & 635mm Range
List Price: $649.95
Our Price: $474.95
You save $175.00!

"Think about that for a minute. You can make a cut, slide it just about 1" away, and it will snap to exactly 1" away. Then you can move it back to your first cut, and it will snap to exactly where your first cut was. Over and over again, perfect repeatability.

From here, the dovetails are a snap. It's just a template that lets you free-slide to where the cuts should be, and then you "lock in" and hit the cut precisely. It's simple and brilliant. And in case this isn't totally clear, they provide step-by-step instructions that will give you flawless joints every time, even if you don't understand how you got them. Literally every woodworker I know uses an Incra now, many of them after trying mine out. You should get one too. You'll thank me for it."
- Posted by danshapiro

"If you are new to woodworking, the INCRA System reviewed here is primarily designed as a router table jig. INCRA also makes a similar system that can be used as a table saw rip fence that can also accept the Wonder Fence for router operations. The Positioner can and has been used for a multitude of applications besides these though.

If you have never used one of these incremental jigs before, you are in for a treat. It will only take about five minutes of operation to conclude they are the best thing since the invention of the circular saw blade. The INCRA LS Super System represents one of the major milestones in modern woodworking accessories. INCRA could justifiably alter the ad line from Dupont and say "we don't cut the wood, we allow it to be cut accurately."

- Phil Bumbalough,

"The INCRA LS Positioner Super System is extraordinary in its innovating design, quality manufacturing and ease of use. Even the beautiful but intimidating-looking double and double-double dovetails are remarkably easy to make because of the automatic accuracy built into the INCRA LS Positioner and its template driven system.

If you are looking for a joinery machine that embodies accuracy, flexibility and ease of use, the Incra LS Positioner Super System has few, if any, competitors. I know of no other machine that offers these qualities in such a well made, ingeniously engineered and easy to use package at any price."

- Text & Photos by Tom Hintz,