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INCRA I-Box Jig for Box Joints, Combos & I-Box Accessories

With the introduction of the INCRA I-Box, your options for producing top-quality joinery have increased dramatically. To help you get the best value and performance, we've added new products to our inventory and created discounted I-Box Combos that allow you to purchase the most popular setups with just one click.

Forrest Saw Blades

For Table Saw, Radial Arm Saws and Chop / Miter Saws. Forrest Dado King Sets for Table and Radial Arm Saw.
Forrest Woodworker-II 40T 10" x 1/8" Kerf
Forrest Woodworker-II 40T 10" x 3/32" Kerf
Forrest 8" Dado King Stacking Dado Set w/ Case
Forrest 8" 2-pc Box Joint Blade Set
Micro Jig MICRODIAL Tapering Jig

Add refinment to your projects with a few accurate tapers set in either degrees or rise/run. Completely repeatable mechanism and exceptional safety when paired with 1 or 2 GR-200 GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblocks (sold separately).

Made in USA.

Make your woodworking safer with our broad selection of push blocks and hold downs for every application.

Improve your accuracy by getting a better view with this exclusive work light kit. Includes iGaging flexible-arm magnetic base, detachable LED flashlight, and a mounting plate with hardware.

Books &Videos

From download the book to LS Positioner DVD, we have step-by-step instructions for INCRA Tools and more.

INCRA Downloadable Projects & Techniques Book
INCRA Projects & Techniques Book
INCRA LS Positioner Instructional DVD
Master Reference Guide & Template Library
Grip-Tite "Safe Cuts, Straight Cuts" DVD
GRR-Ripper Instructional DVD

Router Bit Sets

American-made Whiteside bits are as good as you'll find, earning #1 ratings in both of the past two Fine Woodworking Magazine router bit comparison tests.

8-Piece INCRA HingeCrafter Router Bit Set
6-Piece INCRA Joinery Router Bit Set
6-Piece Metric INCRA Joinery Router Bit Set
8-Piece Metric INCRA HingeCrafter Router Bit Set

Whiteside Ten Essential Router Bits
Whiteside Basic Router Bit Set
Whiteside Roundover & Beading Bit Set
Whiteside Multi-Beading Roundover Bit Set
Whiteside K-41 Pattern Routing Bit
JessEm Clear-Cut TS Stock Guideso
For INCRA TS-LS and most other table saw fences

JessEm's new TS Stock Guides feature fast setup, kickback resistance, and the consistent hold down & hold-in pressure needed to get the cleanest cuts possible on your table saw. Compatible with most rip fences that have flat top surfaces, available with or without a riser kit for use with INCRA rip fences.

Made in Canada.

GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel Kitspacer

Micro Jig's New Gravity Heel improves the excellent GRR-Ripper 3D push block system by positively hooking onto the lumber's trailing end when you're working at the table saw, jointer, router table, or band saw. Retracts automatically or can be locked in place. 5 heel sections per pack, fits all GRR-Ripper models. Made in USA.

Porter-Cable 9-piece Guide Bushing Set

Set includes 7 steel guide bushings in popular sizes plus two lock rings, all in a fitted case. Compatible with all brands of router bases or router plate rings that have a recessed 1-3/16" center hole.
Made in USA, 3yr warranty.