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INCRA Guaranteed Squares & Angles
INCRA's new line of Precision Squares and 45 degrees are the most accurate you will find anywhere.
INCRA Guaranteed Squares - 5"
INCRA Guaranteed Squares - 7"
INCRA Guaranteed Angles 45 degrees - 5"
INCRA Guaranteed Angles 45 degrees - 7"


A-Line-It System Kit

The A-Line-It was selected as the "Top Value" in the WOOD Magazine article that compared woodworking machine alignment tools. FREE DVD covers all of the basics of getting your equipment fine-tuned.

Woodpeckers 24" Straight Edge Rule

This is a combination of an incredibly accurate rule and a good-quality straight edge.

Woodpeckers Saw Gauge

The Saw Gauge uses a dial indicator with a 1" stroke and 1/1000" dial graduations, perfect for aligning the blade and rip fence to the saw's miter slot, checking saw blade runout, and even diagnosing internal problems like arbor and arbor flange runout.

This updated angle gauge is a big time saver, producing machine setups accurate to 0.1 degrees.á Super strong magnets, the flip-up digital display, and a permanently calibrated level feature make it the best of its type.á Imported.


The new Mini Digital Height Gauge's unique horseshoe-shaped body has magnetic feet and allows fast, accurate setups of cutter heights or fence setups in inches or millimeters. Includes snap-in depth probe for measuring holes or grooves. Imported.

Wixey 3" Digital Protractor

This 3" Digital Protractor is the more compact of the two
models and is perfect for tight spaces such as setting up
band saws.

Wixey 8" Digital Protractor

This 8" Digital Protractor is the larger of the two Wixey models
and is a perfect choice for layout work with lumber or setting up
larger machines.

Wixey Digital Angle Gauge

Super small, super versatile. The Wixey Digital Angle Gauge offers instant calibration, magnetic attachment, and 1/10-degree resolution for all sorts of machine setups and gauging work around the shop.

Wixey Digital Height Gauge w/ Fractions

Designed specifically for woodworking, the Wixey Height Gauge allows precision cutter height settings in decimal inch, millimeters, and even fractions simultaneously using Wixey's exclusive Precise Fraction Technology.

Wixey Digital Calipers w/ Fractions

Designed specifically for woodworking, Wixey's Digital Calipers accurately display decimal inches and fractions simultaneously
using exclusive Precise Fraction Technology. Metric capability, too!

iGaging Digital Dial Indicator

Value priced, super-smooth Digital replacement for standard analog dial indicators. Reads in decimal inch, fractions, or millimeters. Mounting lug for the 1/4" or 6mm hardware found on most alignment tools and indicator bases. Imported.

iGaging E-Z View 6" Digital Caliper with Fractions  

These stainless steel, 6"-range digital calipers feature a HUGE display for easy reading. Displays decimal inch, fractional inch, and millimeters at the press of a button.

iGaging 6" Dial Caliper

These budget-priced calipers are sure to improve your work and the accuracy of your equipment setups. 6" range, 0.001" graduations, stainless steel construction.

iGaging Angle Cube Level/Bevel Gauge

Measures relative angles for setting up machines or it works like a pocket level with 0.05 degree resolution.

iGaging SnapDepth Digital Indicator

This handy gauge quickly measures groove or rabbet depths and works with many dial indicator bases. Reads in decimal inch, fractional inch, or millimeters.

iGaging 0-1" Digital Thickness Gauge

Super handy, compact gauge quickly shows the thickness of your material in decimal inch, fractions, or millimeters. 0" to 1-1/6" range.

iGaging 10pc Angle Block Set

Precision ground steel angle blocks, 10pc set includes 1 degree, 2 degrees, 3 degrees, 4 degrees, 5 degrees, 10 degrees, 15 degrees,
20 degrees, 25 degrees & 30 degrees. Accuracy +/- 0.006 degrees.

iGaging 22pc Indicator Tip Set

22pc set of dial indicator tips in a broad variety of lengths and shapes. Standard threads fit conventional dial and digital indicators.

iGaging Magnetic Base w/ Digital Indicator

Universal magnetic base with iGaging Digital Indicator and micro-adjustable arms. Perfect for setting cutter height, making fences
setups and general inspection work.