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  INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence - 32" & 810mm Range
INCRA TS-LS Table Saw Fence - 32" Range
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The 32" (810mm)-capacity TS-LS System uses 72" rails and either a 32" or 810mm LS Positioner. The standard Mount Unit (LS32-TS) handles saws measuring 28" or smaller front-to-rear (along the miter slot). Saws measuring 28" to 33-1/2" deep can be accommodated by ordering the TS-LS with the "XL" Mount Unit (LS32-TS-XL), which has a longer fence and base support panel. Choose from 1/32" imperial or 1mm metric positioning mechanics below. Made in U.S.A.
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Estimated availability: Est. 3 - 4 week lead time due to high fence system demand
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INCRA 32" TS-LS Rip Fence System
INCRA Metric 810mm TS-LS Rip Fence System

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(a product review from New Woodworker)

Legendary Accuracy, Repeatability and Efficiency

Can we be clear on one thing? Your table saw only spins the blade, and it's the rip fence that ultimately determines a saw's performance. As a result, a well-tuned $500 saw equipped with an INCRA TS-LS System can easily outperform a $2,500 saw with a conventional rip fence in any contest of accuracy, repeatability, or micro adjustability. Period.

Why? INCRA Systems position the fence mechanically, so your results won't depend on how much skill you have, how good your shop's lighting is, or how tired your eyes are. The heart of the TS-LS is the LS32 Fence Positioner - it uses INCRA's patented Lead Screw Positioning mechanism to allow any woodworker to quickly set up for a ripping operation and get within 1/1,000" of a desired fence position. In woodworking terms, that's accurate enough to split the line from a sharp pencil into 25 equal parts! And because an INCRA Positioner is mechanical in nature, every fence setup is easily repeatable with zero error hours or weeks later.

Now available in metric, the LS positioner's patented lead screw positioning mechanics allow fence positioning accuracy of +/- .002" at 1/32" increments (+/-0.05mm on 1mm increments) across its entire range. It's essentially perfect even without the built-in micro adjust, but the large micro-adjust knob turns the lead screw against the mating threads, allowing the fence to be shifted between incremental steps with .001" (0.025mm) resolution. The incredible control available completely eliminates the "Tap, tap, tapping" involved in making small adjustments to a conventional rip fence. And since the mike is lead screw-based and reads directly in thousandths of an inch, it's repeatable as well. This micro adjust is entirely different from the random, slow-motion knobs used on rip fences in the past.

INCRA's TS-LS System was one of only two fence systems to earn top scores for alignment against the blade and lack of deflection in Wood Magazine's May 2004 Rip Fence Test. Perfect alignment relative to the blade is guaranteed by the system's low friction and by the carriage lock's tremendous pressure across the sliding carriage, not unlike a traditional T-square style rip fences. The fence can be initially aligned parallel to the miter slot, slightly "relieved" on the outfeed end, or anywhere in between.

There's another bonus:
T-square style fences only lock at one end, and the lock is located more than a foot ahead of the saw blade. The TS-LS puts the LS32's massive carriage right in line with the leading edge of the blade, right where you're focusing pressure on the fence. In addition, you can lock each end of the fence directly to the rail for additional stability during heavy cutting and to prevent the fence from lifting when using featherboards and hold downs. Locking the rip fence at three points along its length allows the TS-LS to match or exceed the stiffness of the best "commercial" fences available.

Spend more time cutting, less time tapping and measuring!

Convenience and Capacity

There are two rail lengths available: The 32" (810mm)-capacity TS-LS is based on a 72" Rail length, and the 52" (1320mm)-capacity system uses 92" Rails. Both systems use the same LS32 Positioner,

and quick-release knobs allow the positioner's base assembly to be shifted further from the saw blade on the 52" system's longer rails to achieve the greater capacitt. The TS Rail Support Legs are standard equipment on the 52" System.

The quick-release feature allows the positioner's base assembly to be positioned anywhere along the length of the rails to access a router table in any position, and the base assembly can removed in seconds, giving you total access to the saw's surface. The quick release also allows the base assembly to be reversed on the rails to allow about 14" (350mm) of ripping capacity to the left of the blade. After the fence and base assembly has been removed from the rails or repositioned, three pairs of stops on the rails guarantee that the fence system stays perfectly aligned and calibrated, time after time.

Straightforward Installation

Don't be put off by its appearance - the INCRA TS-LS System is a very straightforward installation on a huge variety of table saws, and the TS-LS Owner's manual receives frequent praise. The requirements are simple: the saw must have flat surfaces that are square to the saw's top at the front and the rear after removing the original fence rails. The standard Mount Unit (LS32-TS) handles saws measuring 28" or smaller front-to-rear (along the miter slot). Saws measuring 28" to 33-1/2" deep can be accommodated by ordering the TS-LS with the "XL" Mount Unit (LS32-TS-XL), which has a longer fence and base support panel for an additional $35.

The INCRA rails mount to the central portion of the saw at two points at the front of the saw and two at the rear. The mounting brackets are fully adjustable, allowing the rails to typically be bolted into the existing holes in the saw in 90% of installations. You'll install the INCRA TS system with the saw's metal extension wings still in place. There's also no need to build large extension tables into the system on either side of the saw for the TS-LS to perform well -- you can install the rails, start using the rip fence, and decide later whether you want to keep the saw's original extension wings or wooden extension table, use an INCRA MagnaLock Router Table, our build a custom extension table of your own.

Deduct $40 from LS52-TS when ordering without TS Legs.

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