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products that reflect innovation in design,
durability and quality in materials and
workmanship. In short, the best tools for your gardening needs.

As a manufacturer for the INCRA line of
Precision Woodworking tools, we know how important it is to get the best product for your money. In this world of throw-away tools, it's all too easy to end up with a product that falls apart after only a couple of seasons' use. So you have to purchase a replacement and in the end, you've paid more than the price of
the better quality tool, but still have an inferior product that is sure to fail again. It's not always an easy decision when trying to select the best tools, but we can help. All you need is good information and a trusted source.

Our goal here at ProTools Gardening is to be that trusted source, seeking out the highest quality
gardening tools and accessories available while providing the best information possible to help you make
the right decision. The products that receive our INCRA seal of approval are those that reflect the
manufacturer's commitment to innovation, durability and quality both in materials and workmanship.

No more throw-aways! Many of the tools we've selected are the same tools used by Professional Arborists, Landscapers and Growers around the world. These are the tools that will last a lifetime.

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