What's New at INCRA?

This top quality INCRA accessory will improve both your safety and control over your work. The USA-made PushGuard features an integrated guard that protects your hands and a removable clear shield that blocks flying debris.

Do you already have the big red INCRA push block? Take that great safety product and upgrade to a full INCRA PushGuard with these USA-made accessories.

NEW! JessEm Clear-Cut TS Stock Guides
For INCRA TS-LS and most other table saw fences

JessEm's new TS Stock Guides feature fast setup, kickback resistance, and the consistent hold down & hold-in pressure needed to get the cleanest cuts possible on your table saw. Compatible with most rip fences that have flat top surfaces, available with or without a riser kit for use with INCRA rip fences.

Made in Canada.

NEW! GRR-RIPPER Gravity Heel Kit spacer

Micro Jig's New Gravity Heel improves the excellent GRR-Ripper 3D push block system by positively hooking onto the lumber's trailing end when you're working at the table saw, jointer, router table, or band saw. Retracts automatically or can be locked in place. 5 heel sections per pack, fits all GRR-Ripper models. Made in USA.

INCRA Miter Gauge Combos

Get the max savings with INCRA Miter Gauge Combo Packs. These packages include the INCRA Miter Express Sled plus either the INCRA Miter 1000SE, 1000HD, or 3000SE Miter Gauge.
Also available for Shopsmith machines.

INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection

Keeps your shop cleaner by collecting sawdust at the source using your 4" dust collector! Easy-assembling precision molded ABS & steel cabinet attaches to the underside of laminated MDF or phenolic router tables from INCRA, Woodpeckers, and many others.

INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection Combo
INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection Cabinet
INCRA 6-pc CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Ring Set
Individual INCRA CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Rings

INCRA CleanSweep MagnaLOCK Porter-Cable Guide Bushing Ring
INCRA CleanSweep Router Table Adapter
JessEm Clear Cut Stock Guides

These burly aluminum stock guides hold lumber against your fence while holding it down & preventing kickback, replacing up to 4 conventional feather boards. Attach quickly to 1/4" router fence T-slots and set up fast with single-knob control.

Made in Canada.
Porter-Cable 9-piece Guide Bushing Set

Set includes 7 steel guide bushings in popular sizes plus two lock rings, all in a fitted case. Compatible with all brands of router bases or router plate rings that have a recessed 1-3/16" center hole.
Made in USA, 3yr warranty.
Micro Jig MICRODIAL Tapering Jig

Add refinement to your projects with a few accurate tapers set in either degrees or rise/run. Completely repeatable mechanism and exceptional safety when paired with 1 or 2 GR-200 GRR-Ripper 3D Pushblocks (sold separately).

Made in USA.
INCRA I-Box Jig for Box Joints, Combos & I-Box Accessories

With the introduction of the INCRA I-Box, your options for producing top-quality joinery have increased dramatically. To help you get the best value and performance, we've added new products to our inventory and created discounted I-Box Combos that allow you to purchase the most popular setups with just one click.

This updated angle gauge is a big time saver, producing machine setups accurate to 0.1 degrees. Super strong magnets, the flip-up digital display, and a permanently calibrated level feature make it the best of its type. Imported.

The new Mini Digital Height Gauge's unique horseshoe-shaped body has magnetic feet and allows fast, accurate setups of cutter heights or fence setups in inches or millimeters. Includes snap-in depth probe for measuring holes or grooves. Imported.

Huge savings while supplies last! This glue-in INCRA miter channel is available in 23.5", 26.75", 28.5", & 31.5" lengths. Perfect for shop-built router tables or custom fixtures, and the lengths match the depths of INCRA Router Tables. Accepts miter gauges with standard 3/4" x 3/8" miter bars, INCRA miter gauges, and INCRA Miter Sliders.

This kit converts the standard JessEm MastRLift-II with twist-out rings to the INCRA MagnaLOCK ring system and the INCRA 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" top plate. Please see compatibility notes.

INCRA Rules Master Set

The Master Sets offer one-stop shopping, giving you the opportunity
to own all of the most popular INCRA Rule sizes and styles with one click.
INCRA Rules Master Set (Imperial)
INCRA Rules Master Set PLUS (Imperial)
INCRA Rules Master Set (Metric)

INCRA Metric Positioner Systems & Accessories

If you've been putting off the purchase of one of woodworking's most exciting tools because it was not available in a Metric model, your
wait is over. INCRA's amazing LS Positioner Fence Systems are now available in FULL METRIC VERSIONS.

INCRA Metric LS17 Positioner Only
INCRA Metric LS32 Positioner Only
INCRA Metric LS Standard System - 430mm Range
INCRA Metric LS Super System - 430mm Range
INCRA Metric TS-LS Table Saw Fence System - 810mm
INCRA Metric TS-LS Table Saw Fence System - 1320mm
INCRA Metric TS-LS Joinery System - 810mm Range
INCRA Metric TS-LS Joinery System - 1320mm Range
INCRA Metric Router Fence & Table Combo #1
INCRA Metric Router Fence & Table Combo #2
INCRA Metric Router Fence & Table Combo #3
INCRA Metric Router Fence & Table Combo #4
INCRA Metric Table Saw Router Table Combo #1
INCRA Metric Table Saw Router Table Combo #2
INCRA Metric Table Saw Router Table Combo #3
INCRA Metric Table Saw Router Table Combo #4
Master Reference Guide & Template Library - Metric Version
INCRA Shop Stop
INCRA Stand Alone 37" Wonder Fence
Wonder Fence Upgrade for LS or Ultra Positioner System
Wonder Fence Joinery Package
INCRA Pro-II Joinery Fence
INCRA Router Bit Sets - Metric Joinery Set

LS Positioner Metric Conversion Kits

Metric Rack Packs

Hard to Find INCRA Stuff

Whether you're replacing crash-damaged parts or want additional INCRA components for a custom installation, this portion of Incremental Tools provides direct access to the parts, accessories, and sub-assemblies that are most often asked for.